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As a pioneer in manufacturing of polyurethane injected / laminated insulated panels, TSSC specializes in designing and manufacturing Prefab Buildings utilizing fully insulated roof, walls and partition along with door panels due to which the building is provided with exceptional thermal insulation, thereby resulting in low electricity and maintenance cost.

Prefab Buildings

TSSC Prefab buildings can be used for various applications such as exclusive executive accommodations, general office stations, majlish, dining & kitchen units and labour accommodations facilities. Some of the salient features of TSSC Prefab Buildings are:

Energy efficient, Light weight and durable steel framed construction, Quick erection time when compared to conventional buildings, Suitable for any climatic conditions, Aesthetic looks and appearance & Termite resistant.

TSSC also caters Prefab Buildings using LGS (light gauge steel) system – design, manufacture, supply & factory or site installation of single or multi storied buildings using Howick frame machine.

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