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Steel Structure Systems

TSSC is a leading steel structure manufacturer and supplier of Pre-Engineered buildings (PEB) providing labour accommodations, industrial and commercial steel buildings, prefabricated warehouses and steel farm buildings across the Middle East, Africa, and India.
TSSC specializes in the design, engineering, and installation of advanced building systems consisting of hot rolled steel frames, cold rolled structural steel and energy efficient building envelopes providing turnkey solutions for metal farm buildings, pre-engineered factories, warehouses, distribution centres and commercial metal buildings across India and the MENA region.

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Cold Rolled Steel

Cold Rolled Steel

Cold Roll formed steel structural buildings are more economical than hot rolled steel and consist of 100% factory roll-formed parts, no fabrication and welding. Faster erection time and easy installation make it ideal for steel farm buildings, prefabricated warehouse buildings, commercial steel buildings. TSSC is the leading cold rolled steel manufacturer offering turnkey construction solutions for worker accommodation buildings, industrial and agricultural steel buildings across GCC, India and Africa.

Pre-Engineered Building(PEB)

Pre-Engineered Building(PEB)

Pre-engineered steel buildings (PEB) are steel structures designed and fabricated at a factory and then shipped to the construction site to be assembled. The erection process is faster and easier. Pre-engineered steel buildings (PEB) can be customized to suit industrial, residential, and commercial steel buildings applications for oil and gas, construction, agricultural industries. TSSC is the leading pre-engineered steel structure manufacturer and turnkey provider for metal/steel buildings in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, and Africa.

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