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An extensive range of products include shop fronts, curtain walls (from low rise to high rise), doors (sliding and hinged), glazed residential windows and secondary glazing. As a leading provider of door systems, we offer a range of designs that can be configured to best suit the access requirements of most entrances.

Doors & Windows

Our doors are available with the safety and security features of traditional fire rated products with added benefits of improved thermal insulation, sound proofing, characteristic low maintenance and a variety of security options.

Manual, automatic and security door systems are available in a wide array of finishes and designs and can be provided in both, sliding and revolving systems, based on customer requirements. Our elegant doors and sliding systems are recommended for theatres, banks, restaurants, offices, hospitals, furniture, centers, shopping malls and exhibition centers, etc.

  • Manual, automatic and security doors
  • Sliding and revolving systems
  • A wide array of finishes and designs
  • Sound insulation, heat preservation and dustproof protection.

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