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As a result of decentralization, cities are emerging from rural areas and capital cities have seen tremendous upgrades. Many infrastructure and industrialization projects have been implemented successfully and more are underway, this has created a new dynamic in human movement and settlement and elevated housing as a priority with countries driving ambitious housing programs to maintain the momentum of growth. This current economic dynamism in West Africa needs reliable partners to bolster and sustain the positive trends and that is where TSSC comes in. Backed by over 48 years of manufacturing excellence, an apt and professional team and the relevant technology and resources; TSSC delivers turnkey solutions including Building Systems, Modular Housing and Cold Chain Solutions.

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Housing Solutions

Prefab Homes

With the rising demand for energy-efficient, durable homes in West Africa, developers are looking for innovate ways to meet the demand without necessarily raising prices. While a traditional home is built by workmen on a site, our prefabricated homes are built in a factory. Sections of the homes are built in large pieces in a factory, transported to the owner's land and then simply assembled and placed onto a pre-existing foundation.

In addition to superior insulation over a long period of time, our modern prefab homes are much faster to construct compared to traditional construction homes. Prefab Homes can be easily designed and manufactured to form any number of rooms to create the kind of home you wish.

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Built on Site Homes

BOSS (Built on Site System) Homes are ideal for mass housing communities across West Africa. With efficient use of material, minimal waste on site, our homes can be assembled efficiently without specialized tools.

Thanks to our patented technology, the innovative steel construction system assembly makes it possible to build on-site from the ground up within a fraction of the time compared to traditional construction.

BOSS homes are healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient. The homes are designed and built to last generations and can withstand the coastal climate of West Africa. Steel is impervious to rot, and termite damage protecting both your health and your investment.

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Flatpack Container

With rapid urbanisation and strong economic growth, the construction industry in Africa is changing. Contractors are looking for affordable, modular, and faster construction methodologies.

Catering to the Construction, Residential, Power, Security, Education and Hospitality Sectors our Flat Pack Containers offer fast and practical installation.

These ready to use, fully fitted flat packs are transportable, demountable and can be assembled onsite in a day.

Reasonably priced, our Flat Pack Containers are constructed from CE and ISO certified products and can be used for schools, accommodation units for armed forces, kiosks, restaurants, cafes, rapid development of camps, and facilities for workers.

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Building Materials and Systems

Steel Structures

As a leading supplier of pre – engineered steel buildings and cold rolled steel structures, TSSC has provided the African communities with a wide variety of commercial steel buildings in the Agricultural and Industrial sectors.

Our project management teams work with architects, consultants and contractors to ensure a cost efficient solution, while maintaining the aesthetics that the industrial or commercial

TSSC Steel Structures also produces Warehouses and Garage Buildings of standard size steel structures can be made in widths – 7, 10,12,15,18, 20, 24m with bay spacing in multiples of 5m, 6m and 8m. Ideal structures include farm buildings, sheds, storage areas, poultry houses.

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Insulated Roof & Wall Panels

For over 40 years, TSSC is a market leader in the manufacture, supply, and installation of PIR / Rockwool sandwich panels for warehouses in agricultural and industrial use. TSSC has supplied thousands of square metres of insulated panels in West Africa and can provide the panels in various thicknesses and lengths for roof & wall construction.

Our panels offer excellent fire resistance and structural characteristics such as thermal and moisture protection and are well proven as an efficient and cost-effective building system for the West African construction market

Our versatile, economical, aesthetic, and waterproof insulating systems are tested to UAE Civil Defence regulations and hold the highest level of certification such as SASO, Intertek, and Factory Mutual (FM).

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Architectural Roofing System

Specialised in the production, supply, and installation of metal cladding, rainwater gutter systems, roof lights and accessories, TSSC also manufactures standing seam roofing. Standing seam roofing is one of the most popular, versatile, and durable roofing types currently available for the West Africa. TSSC BASECO® standing seam can be customised to meet the design requirements including thermal performance, self-curve radii and acoustic performance.

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EASYWALL - Lightweight Concrete Panel

Designed to help developers, consultants, and architects meet the needs of today’s fast paced construction EASYWALL™ is a versatile and durable construction system. It replaces block works / AAC / Drywall / hollow blocks and offers cost effective and practical benefits for internal and external walls, houses, and industrial buildings.

EASYWALL wall solutions are made lightweight to facilitate ease of installation. It reduces construction time and the mess associated with wet mortar construction.

Tested and approved by UAE Civil Defence and international testing bodies such as Thomas Bell Wright, BM Trada and Acoustic Logic, EASYWALL™ is a strong yet lightweight, non-load bearing partition wall system which is quick to build with and reduces finishing expenses.

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Cold Stores

Due to the lack of cold storage facilities, a large percentage of agro-perishable food in Nigeria & Mauritania is wasted annually. Similarly, fishermen in Senegal lose their return on investments, due to the inability to keep their catch in cold storages.

With over 30 years of refrigeration experience from design to installation & maintenance service, TSSC’s Cold Room Division provides one stop cold-storage solutions for developing nations that will spur economic growth, support the local agri-business, and improve food security.

We manufacture, supply, and install, Cold rooms and Freezer rooms from temperature ranging from -40 C to + 15 C. Our slip joint with cam lock system provides complete airtight resistance for freezing and chilling cold storage facilities. With panels of up to 200mm thickness and different flooring options like Stainless Steel / Checkered Aluminium / GRP and Polyurea our cold storages are ideal for Horticulture, Dairy, Farming, Processed food, Fisheries, Morgues and Pharmaceutical Industries.

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Refrigerated Trucks and Truck Boxes

Annually, nearly a third of what the farmers grow is lost in West Africa region due to inconsistent and non-efficient refrigerated transportation.

TSSC, addresses the many challenges and specializes in transport refrigeration systems, providing one-stop sales and services, installation of the highest quality road transport refrigeration units, insulated containers.

We specialize in Thermo King / Carrier / KingTec / HWA Sung products for Small Vans, Trucks and Trailer Refrigeration as well as offering expertise with Air Conditioning for buses, Cold Storages, Coach and Horse Carriers and Insulated Sea -Going Containers across West Africa region.

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Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration Systems

With over 25 years of experience in the field of refrigeration and air-conditioning, TSSC has the practical experience to tackle and find solutions for challenging HVAC and chain industry projects in West Africa.

We provide complete turnkey solutions from drawings to a complete refrigeration equipment, including thermal insulation, doors, refrigeration units, electronic control systems and piping accessories.

Our innovative and intelligent refrigeration technology allows cold chain monitoring for temperature sensitive products such as vaccinees in the West Africa region.

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